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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

salam blogger 
salam 1 malaysia 

post today about LOVE

LOVE is a very odd thing 
LOVE is blind

bila cakap pasal cinta masing masing ada cerita sendiri kan 
yang couple 
yang BREAK
and blabla .
*actually cuq lah tu*

but now i fall in love with someone

he was
so funny 
so sweet
i dont think i ever love someone as much
as ilovehim
i could tell him anything and everything
i dont know what i would have done without him
i couldn't get him out of my head
this boy was ahMAZING

but then things started ...
going downhill
we weren't as close
i would get upset and juz CRY

coz i missed how it
used to be ..
i still do ...
i love him
hate him
at the same time
i was so confused

hate ??
love ??
hate ??
love ??
he would say things that made me think he liked me
we would have a night where we would laugh and everything was like it used to be
but then ..
he wouldn't talk to me for awhile
do you love me ??
my heart was broken
imisshim so much
and he didn't care
he played with my heart
he broke it
some how i still love him
and i ...
all i can do is hope things get better
at the one point
i thought i would never recover
but i should i'll be ukey

*i still love you*
theres this boy that iloveverymuch
*нαʓяʋℓ κʋƨαιиι *
iloveyou dont forget that .
ever .